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Monday, March 31, 2014


Shower Doors

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The Precision Kinetic Collection embodies all qualities of perfection. A patented kinetic mechanism provides the reliable movement of the 1/2" ultra clear Precision Starphire Glass. The kinetic door mechanisim is available in a satin or high polished finish. Precision Clarvista glass will guarantee the maximum brightness and clarity of your enclosure. The Collection also features a true frameless design, there are no channels.
Shower Doors, we only use the highest quality materials for our skilled craftsmen to manufacture, build, and install our shower door enclosures.  The expert team at Precision Shower Doors can help determine which of our shower door products can deliver both the stylish look and functionality you need for your next bathroom renovation.


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Shower Doors

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It would be true to say that frameless glass shower doors are in fashion today. The reason for this tendency is very clear and simple: modern people become more and more trend conscious and are willing to bring more comfort and relaxation into their lives. Frameless glass shower doors have a great number of advantages. They do not only give an extremely romantic and modern look to the bathroom, but prove to be very efficient and functional.
This type of shower doors is especially widely spread in hotels, but many contemporary people decide to install them in their homes as well. Some of the people who haven. t earlier seen this new trend in the sphere of doors, visiting a hotel or resort attached with a frameless glass shower door just get impressed and decide to install it in their houses as well.
Frameless glass shower doors prove to be efficient due to many reasons and the first one of them is that it prevents water from sprinkling on other areas of the bathroom while a person is having a shower. In this way, installing a frameless glass shower doors offers a few important advantages.
Generally speaking, the frameless glass shower doors are produced from special thick glass that in reality may have various variants of thickness. You are highly recommended to install a frameless glass shower door if you wish to change your life making it more luxurious and refreshed.
Frameless Glass Shower Doors: Main Types
The contemporary market offers a great variety of types of frameless glass shower doors which first of all differ in price. You can find extremely cheap glass doors and at the same time you can choose a wonderful unique model for a heavenly sum of money. So, it depends on your desire and family budget.
In order to make the proper choice of a frameless glass shower door for your house, it s recommended to visit several markets, compare the quality of the offered models, as well as their prices, pay attention to your personal needs and desires, and only then to make your choice. Don it forget to check up the quality of the material from which the considered door is produced. This is especially important if small children live in your house. If the glass is strong enough, it will be difficult for your kids to somehow damage or break it. Nevertheless, this type of doors should be made of special glass.
As for the design and style of the chosen door, you may be sure that frameless glass shower doors are really unique in these terms. Besides, the modern market offers frameless glass shower doors in different colors, shades, styles, shapes and forms, so you can choose the most appropriate variant for you for it to fit other accessories in your bathroom. Generally speaking, there re numerous types of glasses which can be ordered to be installed in the frameless glass shower doors.


Friday, March 28, 2014


Shower Door NJ

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Shower curtains are curtains used in bathtubs with a shower or shower enclosures. They are usually made from vinyl, cloth or plastic. The shower curtain has two main purposes: to provide privacy and to prevent water from flooding or spraying outside the shower area. To accommodate the different types of bathtub shapes, railings can come in different sizes and are flexible in their design. Shower curtains usually surround the bath inside the tub or shower area, and are held up with railings or curtain rods on the ceiling. Some people use two shower curtains: one that is inside the tub, which is mainly functional or decorative as well, and an outer shower curtain, which is purely decorative. The bottom portion of the inner curtain often comes with magnetic discs or suction cups which adhere to the bathtub itself.
Shower doors are dveriispolzuyutsya in the bathroom, which help to keep the water inside the shower or bath and shower curtains alternatives . They are available in many different styles such as framed or frameless , sliding or swing. They are usually made ​​of aluminum , transparent glass , Plexiglas , or tempered glass. Shower doors can come in many different finishes and glass hardware models that can match other bathroom hardware such as faucets and shower heads . There are also shower doors, in which the neo angle design for use in shower trays which have neo design as well. The design of the shower tray is extremely important as the shower door must be the type required for the pan to rabotat.Dver soul requires plastic lining on the edges of the door to protect against water leakage .
Were your kids playing in the pub and tar got all over their clothes and you don't recognize how to remove the tar?! Properly, you've come to the proper place for the right directions on what to remove that tar! Follow these easy steps below on how to remove tar from clothing.
Primary, if there is a substantial amount of tar stuck to your fabric, place ice cubes in a small plastic bag and place the bag in the tar stain on this clothing. Next, allow that tar to freeze and harden. Wait a short while or until the tar is completely hardened and peel the tar heli-copter flight clothing. In order to remove the stain portion, apply some stain remover to the fabric before you throw the clothing in the washing machine. Wash the clothing according to the directions on the clothing. After the clothing has come out of the washer, allow the clothing to air dry. Once it has surroundings dried, put a small amount of white kerosene onto the stain with a white paper towel. And finally, wash again separate from other clothing according to the directions on the clothing.


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Shower NJ

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Glass can be made out of pure silica, but to make the glassmaking process better, ash and lime is usually added. From these basic ingredients, a variety of glass may be formed. 
There is the float or annealed glass. Most of the world's toned glass is annealed decanter or glass, since the process for making this was invented inside 1950s by Sir Alastair Pilkington. 
Molten decanter or glass is poured onto a tin bath and concentrations out to dry within parallel, flat surfaces. Annealed glass is not suitable for building precisely as it breaks into shards. 

Before annealed glass, there was plate glass, where it was eventually formed by rolling it flat. Showerdoors

There is such some sort of glass that is a tad tougher and safer from breakage, called tempered decanter or glass. It is said to be six times stronger than annealed glass, but it lets you do have a few side effects. 
If it can do get broken, the whole glass panel will fall apart into small bits. Additionally, since the portions with the tempered glass are formed differently, the outer component to the panel is more susceptible to scratches. 
Laminated a glass was invented by Edouard Benedictus, after discovering that the glass flask coated with cellulose nitrate was dropped to your ground, shattered, but do not break. 
This type of glass is more commonly utilised for windshields and security purposes, as it is usually bulletproof. Laminated glass is formed from typical annealed glass in addition to a generous coating of polyvinyl butyral. 
Just lately innovated is self-cleaning decanter or glass, which may just put window-cleaners using business. It is coated with titanium dioxide. It enables ultraviolet rays to break down organic compounds on the surface. 
Water is in addition attracted to the top of glass, leaving a slender coat that washes out these compounds.
Low-emmisivity a glass has metallic-based coatings that will hinder the glass from transferring thermal energy, making it feel like more energy-efficient. 
So whenever you're drinking a decanter or glass of water or marvelling at a glass sculpture or modern day glass architecture, think of what you've simply learned and how glass can modify the world you are in.
When considering on having a Glass Shower installed in the wash space, it is very important that the consumer be aware of the many types involving glass there are available and to have a good idea of some of many design possibilities that each one of the glass categories have. A lack of knowledge in this particular subject can result in a wrong decision in design and potentially much regret. This subject would desire it's own book and magazine to adequately explain, as of which it's not necessarily possible too do so in this venue. Therefore, I simply intend to scratch the surface to the three family types of Glass which were being used the the majority of in Glass Showers. 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Bathroom Folding Shower Doors

Stuff that you rarely use is located in the basement and kept there until you eventually think of the idea, or sometimes just stays down there and soon you move or what not necessarily. These places are also very humid and can go through very insane temperature swings. Follow the steps and tips below in order to keep that basement clean.

Set off by buying a moisture checker. This will help get rid of the moisture that can cause mold and mildew that will lead to bad buildup inside your basement. The next tip is to assure you do not put any items on the floor because basements usually get spiders, mice, bugs, or anything else. Plastic shelving is a very convenient storage item used to keep everything away from the floor. Another good thing about plastic shelving is that when your basement floods you will not need to worry concerning anything getting damaged in the water. You should do a sweep at least once a year to know very well what you use and what you don't use, this way you can avoid clutter. To get rid of the stuff you can donate to a charity or even sell them in the garage sale or even on eBay. Dusting your basement can be a long task and you ought to make plenty of time to check everything is nice an clean to help you avoid bugs and bots. If your basement is finished, you do not ought to worry about clutter constantly, but make sure people clean it by vacuuming, dusting, and washing whatever is in sight.

Cleaning can be extremely annoying, but everyone must do it.
Folding shower doors have become more popular, as many homeowners are researching to increase the value within their homes through updates. Updating your bathroom is often as easy as changing this depth of glass in your shower doors, or even changing from framed to frameless.

Folding shower doors have many options including framed and frameless, differing depths of glass together with designs in the glass or even upgraded materials. Framed doors sit on a track much enjoy sliding doors. The difference between the sliding along with the folding types is that there is a hinge in the center of each piece of protection glass. The safety glass in folding doors comes in depths of 1/8, 1/4 together with 3/8 inch variations. This makes a difference regarding type of frame that can be used, and the largest difference is in the prices. Retailers cost more for thicker glass, as well as differences in length of the hinged aspects. The average width of 1 panel of safety glass used in hinged shower doors that will only have two sections is 24 inches, while larger areas may need more doors panels use to cover the spot. For tubs or stalls which can be wider than 48 inches, it is recommended that the professional be sought in order to complete the work as custom doors is going to be required.

Glass used for these bifold doors stages in designs from obscure glass, frosted glass to clear glass or simply custom design etching.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Shower Doors Nj

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Shower Door NJ
If the sill is not sloped, water will collect and pressure from the cascading moisture above might slowly force it to uncover an exit around the door. Even the smallest gaps in the enclosure are large enough for water to find its way out and into the surrounding bathroom. The amount of water escaping on a per use basis definitely isn't very noticeable. Over time however your continual presence of mineral water outside the shower can lead to noticeable damage on wood and also other surfaces.

You ought to be especially careful with fiberglass bathe pans. While there is no problem installing a frameless shower door in a tiled opening that implements a fiberglass pan as the base, the online specs for these items do not mention whether or not the sill is sloped whatsoever. If not sloped, water maintain a pool of potential to collect and increase the leakage of your frameless shower.
Many of us get pleasure from doing projects on our own and installing sliding shower doors may be a rather simple thing to do, provided you are handy. The first thing that you really need to do is to familiarize yourself with every step that is linked to installing these shower dropping glass doors, as several will depend on each other to enable the entire installation to look properly. This is not only true if you're setting a frameless sliding shower door but also if you're installing something that is a bit more standard. There are also a few sliding glass doors that are customized for several different reasons, and these also need a customized installation.

The first help installing the sliding glass shower doors is to measure everything properly to make sure that you discover the doors that you absolutely need. This would not only include using a measurement at the base in the shower door, it would add taking one every 12 inches as you go up the wall. Keep in mind, not all walls are created plum and it usually is necessary for you to help either shim out the frame of the shower door at the bottom or the top to enable it to fit correctly. If the frame in the shower door is not plum, you will have leaks consequently.

The next step is to install the bottom track for the hot shower sliding glass doors that are going to be installed. The only time whenever you do not be doing this is if you happen to get a trackless bottom, which is commonly installed in order to allow handicap access. If this is true, you may still need to install a track in the bottoom, although it will not be a guide for the door itself. It will simply be whatever flattens out as that wheelchair runs over it but it will still be in place in order to direct the water back into the bathe pan.

The top track also needs to be installed properly, and it must get installed directly above the base track to ensure that everything to work accordingly. If you're installing a frameless sliding shower entry, you're going to need to check the manufacturer's installation instructions, as the upper track could be more of a guide rather then acting as a mode.

Finally, you're going to want to install the sidetracks of the sliding glass shower doors properly so that the door will seat into them and avoid any type of leak that will take place. Whenever it is all put together accordingly, these shower sliding a glass doors should work seamlessly and you ought to not have any point during the sliding of the doors that would be sticky. Just make sure you mark the tracks in advance and continue to check your marks as being the installation progresses in case something happens to move. This is not only true while you are doing a frameless dropping shower door installation, but it is additionally true for the standard installations which will typically take place.
Nowadays, lots of contemporary and modern houses are now being built and reconstruct. From all the subdivisions on the town, you might want to consider acquiring one attractive and relaxing shower area with the help of the new frameless a glass shower doors. This increases the decorative components inside your new modern house. Bathroom can be a private haven and one important element is it's usability to any user. Being the area when you take your day-to-day shower, the shower area is prone to getting messy and slippery. Moreover, installing glass doors will help you manage the dirt and become assured with your safety to boot. Installing these glass doors are efficient making the utilization of shower curtains obsolete over the more modern world. Below are the reasons why a frameless glass shower door never fails its users.

A lot of home owners are in need of something new to out on their home. It is an issue unique but useful. They're just now entering and adapting on the changing world, where change is one and only thing constant. They replace one thing to another. One thing they don't fully understand the frameless glass shower doors never get out of style! Again, it seems trivial but it could save you a lot of headache if you always lock this particular selection down. Now, not all shower door products provide choice.


Monday, March 24, 2014

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Doors installation:

Many people design their closets along with the interior of their bedrooms to reflect their style and preferences. And many of them failed to consider which replacing the closet door with bypass style would greatly alter the overall look of their rooms. 

Bypass closet doors are a popular choice for a closet door for the reason that fit perfectly in bedrooms with limited space. For those who have a walk-in or longer closets, then you have made the proper buying decision. The contemporary design and style of the bypass product fits any room decoration, thus you can also install them in other areas of your property such as pantry together with laundry. Here are some available from several trusted online retailers.

Line glass Door:

That frameless wardrobe model is inspired by way of the total mirrored wall glimpse, giving you an uninterrupted mirror reflection. You have the option to add beveled edges to develop an elegant door process. Top tracks come in one-piece or two-piece possibilities. You can upgrade your sliding version to your frameless one without the need to change both the top and bottom tracks. Consequently, this frameless door is a good replacement. It's available with white prefinished steel, bronze, champagne gold and mayan silver.

Series  Frameless Sliding Mirror Door:

That modern aluminum sliding door is another offering with Arcadia Industries. Installing this visually expands the dimensions to your room, making this an economical way to make your bedroom and also other areas in your house including pantry and laundry trend brighter and bigger. Installing this mirrored door is one of the best redecorating ideas. A few standard features include maintenance-free track and silent bottom rollers. The underside rollers are adjustable to compensate for variations of the floor. This is easy and quick place in, requires no maintenance after it has been installed and can accommodate openings of four feet wide and eight feet high.

Wall Slide Doors:

The following Sliding Door bypass can be purchased in 1 and 1/2 inches width and 3 inches framework width. The extrusion wall is. 050 thick and powder-coated in white and black. You have choices of linen, frosted, reflector, laminated glass or louvered sliding panel. The safety mechanism is a standard feature make sure that the door is easy and smooth to own and will not dislodge in the track.

Spaceslide's Sliding Wardrobe Doors:

This custom-built door may be the perfect answer to your design needs. Upon withdrawal of hot glass from the tempering furnace, it is rapidly refrigerated (quenched) by blowing carefully controlled air flow from fixed or reciprocating and rotating blast nozzles uniformly onto both surfaces involving glass simultaneously. Higher airflow rates produce fully tempered glass using a surface compression of 700kg/m2 or more and an edge compression of 680 or more and much lower air flow rates produce heat strengthened glass which has a surface compression between 250 to 700kg/m2 and an edge compression between 390 to 680 kg/m2..

Response involving Glass Properties to Heating treatment

The colour, solar properties, chemical compositions, hardness, specific gravity, coefficient associated with thermal expansion, softening issue, thermal conductivity and firmness remain unchanged after heat treatment. The only real bodily properties that changed are generally improved flexural and tensile strength, and improved resistance to thermal stress and thermal shock. Heat treatment modifications the break pattern with glass. Fully tempered glass disintegrates into relatively small harmless pieces.

Version of Heat Treated Glass

Heating treated glass are labeled into two types

Uses associated with Tempered Glass

Tempered is usually using widely in Manufacturing Industry for windows, drape walls, frameless structural glazing work, sky lights or anything else were applications requiring improved strength and safety.

It also using in automotive sector as side and backside windows in automobiles.

It is also find application in refrigerators, furniture, ovens, shelving or anything else.

Tempered glass should not be used were building codes require wired glass with regard to fire resistance.

Heat Strengthened Glass

Since described earlier low air flow rates when quenching produce Heat Focused Glass.

Glass doors thus help you utilize your creativity and therefore to enhancing the look of your home are also easy to decontaminate.

Glass doors therefore impart a clean and chic look to any office, store or even home. They come in a large variety of designs, finishes and thickness and you can also choose to frame them if your wish. They offer privateness and exclusivity while showing an air of mystery to its various visitors. 


Saturday, March 22, 2014


Shower Door

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Shower Door Company is a local,that specializes in interior glass projects like shower doors and custom mirrors. We design, fabricate, and install custom frameless glass shower doors, frameless steam shower doors, neo angle shower doors, sliding and bypass shower doors, corner shower doors, and bathroom shower enclosures.

Each project is handled by the owner, Michael King, from start to finish. He will guide you through the entire process and answer all your questions personally.  Guaranteed craftsmanship and new technologies, quick turn around and service after the sale - these are just a few things that set us apart from the rest.

Many people mistakenly believe that the glass in their shower enclosure is the most expensive part, and that they can somehow save money by reusing it, and replacing the aluminum extrusions. There are five or six reasons why this is not going to work, but there is no reason to cover all of them here.

The frameless shower doors I’ve always seen have just the brackets and hinges on the sides of the door as well as the side and base of the panel. They initially installed a semi-frameless door with a partial frame on the panel. They immediately ordered a new panel when I pointed out that it wasn’t frameless. I also addressed the silicone concern with the superintendent of our build and he said the silicone would all be cleaned up. Well they installed the new panel yesterday with brackets and then siliconed around the exterior surfaces of the panel. The glass company told our superintendent they had to leave it that way.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Traditionally, the majority of our work has come from customer referrals. It doesn't matter how big or how small a project is, every customer is equally important to us. We have never forgotten how important people are, and how we got where we are now.


Friday, March 7, 2014

#Shower #Door Surface is permanently sealed during the manufacturing process With proper maintenance, glass will stay beautiful for years to come. Is available in three luxurious options - Clear,
UltraWhite Low-Iron and SatinDeco - making it easy to custom create the spa-like environment you've always wanted, without committing yourself to a lifetime of heavy-duty cleaning. Shower doors nj - Online Yellow Pages


Thursday, March 6, 2014


cheap shower door

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Glass and metal finishes can be customized to accent your design. Choose from the standard metal finishes in anodized brass or chrome, Custom color powder-coatings are also available. Glass panels and doors can be made translucent when obscuring is required, or custom-etched in an infinite variety of designs.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014



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Bathrooms renovations whether they are DIY or using skilled tradesmen need to be well designed and planned. Some people are so motivated by magazine photos and the desired end look it's hard for them to really think about the functionality of their bathroom, longevity, and design within their budget pre-project. I must stress the importance of doing this before you start to buy shower, toilets, tiles, vanities and the like.
Simply write a list of all the problems you had with your previous bathroom. Now that you know what didn't work for you, write a list of your needs first and wants second! This will be helpful before you hit the stores and get bogged down by the choices!
For some, utilising high water rating products is important to them, others might look for easy to maintain and clean products, design only or both! In the end if it all seems to be a bit overwhelming, luckily for us we have experts that do this day in and day out! But most important of all do your list to start with so you don't forget the most important things!




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There are so many caustic cleaners out in the market place. To be on the safe side for your health we recommend using natural cleaners. No need for harsh chemicals or abrasives such as bleach or steel wool, simply use the good old house hold cleaner vinegar, and for a sparkling clean add some baking soda with part water in a spray bottle. Spray on and leave it for a few minutes. This is best done after a shower so the steam has done some of the work for you!
If you run out of vinegar use just half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with part hot water in a spray bottle! Wipe clean with eco-friendly rags.  




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Easy to maintain shower design
Are you sick of cleaning your old mouldy tiles?
Design your shower with splashback glass walls, making it super speedy to wipe down your walls and no need to worry about scrubbing grout!
There are endless colour options so you can match to your floor tiles or use the area as a feature by introducing colour. Glass only needs hot soapy water to clean no caustic cleaners are required so there is also a heath benefit when it comes to you family!

Get an ‘exclusive’ atmosphere in your bathroom with a sophisticated glass design. Coloured glass can bring a touch of sophistication to any monotone bathroom space. And if you have the room make your shower screen large and comfortable for instance from 1200 - 1500 wide.




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Renovating a beautiful, functional bathroom can be a fun and fulfilling process not only adding value to your house price but enabling a peaceful, private space for you and your family to unwind and wash away all the worries! Once the tiling is complete in your newly renovated bathroom, you can then measure your shower area! Glass isn't flexible, so it's vital to get as close to the exact size required for the screens as possible. Some styles might have more adjustment than others. Such as the Elfreda Suite 300, there is 60mm adjustment. Frameless showers have 0-5mm adjustement and must be measured accurately once the tiling and grouting is completed.
Your shower suite and mirror is almost always the last item to be installed in your bathroom before you can relax and enjoy! 




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Now living in a luxurious day spa like bathroom is possible, with just a few smart design elements!
Firstly create an open and inviting ambience in your bathroom. You can achieve this by using neutral colours used which are calming and nature like making a comfortable setting for most. The use of whites and warm neutral materials with clean lines gives this bathroom a hygienic and welcoming environment. This also has great re-sell value.
Vertical textures create a feature that draw the eye, making the bathroom stylish but also creating a sense of depth and space with the reflection from the mirrors.
Use walk in showers to create a sense of ease and creating a minimalist feature.
You might design your shower at the end of the bathroom, this helps create a feeling of additional space and the entrance will remain dry.
Double vanities are a practical element to provide enough space for a family or couple to have their own area – designs  hinged off the ground make an extra sense of space and easy to clean in and around.
Completing your bathroom and keeping it modern, use chrome shower head, taps, towel dryer and other bathroom fittings with a consistent and seamless design throughout.




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Want to really create a design piece in your bathroom? Use textured glass in your shower area to create a tranquil, private space. Safety Glass NY textured glass is now available in patterned clear glass and colours.

Custom 10mm glass fixed panels are available in:
- Clear Float
- Obscure Africaan
- Obscure Drfit
- Obscure Waterfall
- French Green
- Gate Grey
- Ocean Blue




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Frameless shower screens are popular for their sollid and seemless design. However what you need to remember is that the design of your screens and shower rose are important considerations to prevent future dissapointement with your shower screen leaking water all over your tiles! Frameless shower doors are supposed to have a small gap between the glass panel - this enables the door to open. If you simply have your shower rose facing the fixed panel or wall where there are no gaps it's less likely your screens will leak water. There are several other configuarations to consider. Check out the frameless shower page and design your shower with elegance and functionality for a long life solution.

Frameless showers are great to blend into heritage homes with gold plated hinges, or modern homes with chrome plated brass hinges. Safety Glass NY use only top shelf manufacturing processes to produce lasting hinges and we recommend stainless steel screws. Frameless isn't for everyone! It's price tag is inevitable because of it's bespoke nature and high risk of the glass breaking several times in production before it reaches your door. The glass is cut to your measurements, holes processed, polished edges and then toughened to become safety glass.




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Create a place of calm & sophistication in your bathroom by including a walk-in shower screen in your design. Whilst extemely easy to clean Walk In showers will also create a minimalist design feature adding an architectural element to your bathroom.
Safety Glass NY walk in shower range available:
- Half-Moon Walk In - Semi Circle design with towel rail on the glass
- Maze Walk In - Linear definition with large scale walls
- Frameless Panel 10mm - Easy walk-In available in standard sizes or custom made
Once your floor and tiling is complete. When considering design of your shower enclosure, add elements such as a stainless steel grate, eye catching mosaics or smooth clean line glass splashbacks. Don't be afraid to use burst of colour!
If you have a great design we would love to hear about it.